The Headwaters at the Comal!

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My grandson, Gavin, wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up.  So, I took him to the Headwaters at the Comal, where he was able to see and talk to real life archaeologists at work in a huge hole.  We were given a wonderful tour of their operation, and we got to take a peek at the amazing pieces they have been bringing up!   Pieces that date back to 1600AD.  One outstanding piece was a rock that was carved into a knife, or cooking utensil.  It was about 7 inches long, it was so terrific to think  that people so long ago used that piece.  There is a wide array of animal bones, and the most interesting being a buffalo tooth! 

Headwaters at the Comal is located near downtown New Braunfels and is a 16 acre tract of land which has served New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) as a warehouse; fleet and facilities yard; office and inventory storage facility from the 1940s until 2004. It is a living tribute to the history of people. It demonstrates the intersection of history and water; is the reason for the existence of the community of New Braunfels; and, as discovered through recent archaeological finds, has been a gathering place of people for thousands of years.

NBU and the City of New Braunfels are making improvements to the headwaters constantly.  Public amenities will include a central courtyard, event lawn, display gardens, walking trails, outdoor classrooms, natural springs overlooks, wastewater treatment wetlands, composting facilities, and more. Demonstration areas for commercial and residential conservation techniques and technologies, including HVAC and lighting technology; irrigation systems; plant selection; and use of natural ventilation and daylight. A courtyard that demonstrates LID principles with drought tolerant plants, water features, and terracing.A picnic area with permeable walkways and natural shading. An 8,000 sq. ft. ‘Living Building’, which incorporates adaptive reuse of existing structures; exterior walls made of plants that support pollinators and provide stunning color throughout the year; a water feature which uses rainwater collected from the building; and constructed wetland cells that demonstrate how wetlands cleanse and filter water.  An outdoor classroom (2,800 sq. ft.) and multi-purpose building (9,000 sq. ft.) will be available for community use.

It costs 5.00 per person to tour, and it is so worth it.  Take your family out one weekend and take a tour and history lesson of our hometown.