Texas Senate's passage of a property relief bill

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Texas Senate's passage of a property relief bill. It now goes to the TX House for approval. If approved it will then come to us, the voters.
Property taxes are one of the largest expenses that homeowners face, and a property relief bill would provide relief by lowering property taxes or providing additional exemptions for certain groups of homeowners, such as seniors or veterans.
A property relief bill could encourage economic growth by making it easier for businesses to invest in property or by encouraging homeownership, which can stimulate the housing market. And for homeowners that are facing difficulties, a property relief bill could help homeowners who are struggling to pay their property taxes or mortgages by offering assistance programs, such as payment plans or debt forgiveness.
And, this one is so important since our area has been negatively affected by rising appraisal values. A property relief bill could address disparities in property values by reassessing property values more frequently, which could lead to more equitable taxation and prevent gentrification in certain neighborhoods.
Let's all hope that the powers to be will do the right thing!
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