Six Ways to Embrace the Hygge Trend

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Six Ways to Embrace the Hygge Trend

The temperature is dropping in New Braunfels, and that means it's prime time to embrace the concept known as hygge. Simply, hygge is the Danish word for extraordinary comfort and coziness. Here are six ways you can bring warmth and happiness into your home this season.

1) Choose comfort.
Warm blankets, cozy furnishings and piles of pillows are some of the hallmarks of hygge for a reason. I love sitting on my sofa with a fire, it is so calming~ 

2) Embrace texture.
Décor that offers tactile sensations, like fluffy rugs, stimulate the senses, while natural textures like wood and wool allow for a bit of the outside to come in during cold winter days. 

3) Bring in the light.
As the days get shorter, think of ways to maximize light in the home, try keeping the blinds open, a well-placed string of twinkle lights or utilizing your fireplace. 

4) Cut down on clutter.
When surfaces are covered with clutter!  Minimize where you can, and stash the rest out of sight. I can never relax with clutter everywhere! 

5) Set up spaces for gathering.
Hygge is all about celebrating the things that make you feel safe and comfortable, and that includes having friends and family over for gatherings. 

6) Cherish your cuppa.
A coffee bar or special teakettle and mug can embody the warmth of hygge on cold days.  

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