Ready to sell? Take a look!


There are two rules when it comes to selling your home quickly.  Price it right and make it look AMAZING! 

Today's buyer is flooded with options. In order to catch the eye of a prospective buyer, you will need to do as much work as it takes to make it look amazing in the buyers eyes.

Our first tip to selling your home is to enhance your curb appeal.  We have had buyers not even go on the inside of a home to take a look if they are not impressed with the outside! Power wash the exterior, paint or replace the front door.

Make your home sparkle! Dust all the surfaces, shine floors and clean the windows!

De-clutter!  Remove all the unnecessary furnishings. Tidy up all your closets, leaving about 20 to 30% open room for storage!

Depersonalize~Remove all family photo's, personal items such as trophies and celebrity or political fanfare. 

If you would like a consultation regarding selling your home, please contact us at 830-708-4593 or 830-743-0464.