New Braunfels Utilities Moving

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New Braunfels utilities is to become a historic themed hotel, boutique, bar, restaurant, and social garden inspired by German Architecture and history.  The project is called the MAINZER, and is billed as a place concepted to feel like home, providing a welcome environment to stay for a while. Located at 263 Main Plaza, and connecting three adjacent buildings, I can't wait to see this project when complete.  It will certainly keep our downtown area looking nice while maintaining our German Heritage.  New Braunfels Utilities will give up their location in January to make way for this new project.  They have selected a team of qualified specialists to turn this project.  With all the growth in New Braunfels and the surrounding area, The Mainzer is a way to take advantage of its rapid population growth and economic growth by creating a large place for people to gather.  HMMMMM, I just wonder what this will do to the square's traffic now.  Well, that will be for another story.