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One thing is for sure, groceries are what  people continue to buy, despite efforts to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. 

You talk about essential, everyone must eat and drink, and farmers have to make sure we get the food to the grocery store.

I've been listening to the farmers talk, and what I've been hearing is that they have been feeling a hit even though the demands for food products are high from the effects of Covid19.

It has caused every sector of the industry to suffer one way or the other.  There seems to be many reasons and a range of causes including a shortage of labor in the field to lack of transportation due to illnesses of the drivers. 

But all in all it is hard to nail down just one reason.

There seems to be a lot of ranchers just holding onto their livestock until the prices go back up. 

Part of the CARES Act did go toward the agriculture industry, but it didn't seem to help much according to area farmers. Some area farmers can spend up to 2,000.00 a month on feed.

I am hoping as a lot of the area farmers are also hoping that the Texas Farm Bureau will continue looking at ways to help out the industry.

My fear is help won't be enough to cover all the issues that our great farmers and ranchers have been dealing with.  Right now the pandemic is really shining a light on our great farmers and ranchers and they need the help so much!

Our government needs to put the pencil to the paper and get some extra help to these great people.